our ethos


Finch is an environment of conscious living, a warm place to help wellness thrive and a place that boosts confidence, however you chose to express yourself. We will always offer you great, unbiased advice on caring for your hair. You will leave feeling positive, happy and fulfilled every time you leave!

One of our huge passions at Finch is equality and inclusivity. We will always strive to be a welcoming and safe haven regardless of your race, disability, sexuality or gender. We want everyone to be free to express themselves how they want and we encourage that in the reflection of your hair. This is also represented in our pricing structure, which is detailed in the ‘services’ section.

there's no planet B

Our other main focus is to help in creating a greener, more sustainable planet for the future, by doing what we can – no matter how big or small. (Shoutout to David Attenborough for being such a hero and helping teach us how we can change our ways!) We will never claim to be perfect, but we’re doing everything we can to help build a better future and will continue to educate ourselves and do more daily!

To match our ethical approach we knew we had to chose our colour and retail brand carefully. We have chosen to work with Kevin Murphy, a brand that cares about the environment and recognises the seriousness of climate change. They are a cruelty free brand with vegan options, who have a commitment to making a change. All of their packaging is made from ocean waste plastic and they are a haircare brand that uses organic and natural ingredients to create a beautiful range of ‘skincare for your hair’.

Any regular customers that have had COVID or any of the COVID vaccines must carry out another patch test prior to any colour work and all patch tests must be repeated every 6 months. We will keep track of all customers patch tests and when you’re due another, but please please ensure you pop in for this as we will have to re-schedule your colour appointment if not.

We work with these amazing green brands